Valentines 10K – Volunteer Tasks

With Valentines 10K only 1 week away we are putting the final touches to the race plan which we will share during the week. Grant will be emailing everyone around Wednesday / Thursday with details of what we require you to do on race day. Some will be asked to work in the race HQ others as marshals along the route. For those of you who are not familiar with what happens race day please read on for some guidelines for the day:

The course is a 10K route starting outside the Barwell Business park along Leatherhead Road, it heads along the Leatherhead Road and turns left towards Epsom, passes Horton Country park to Chessington, along Moor Lane and bridge Road, left back onto the Leatherhead Road and finishes at the Chessington Community College on Garrison lane. A course map can be found using the following link

If you are working in race HQ we would request that you arrive no later then 7:30 but ideally a 7am arrival would be most useful as there will be lots to do before the race starts. All marshals should aim to arrive at their marshal point at approximately 8:50am to ensure you are there in good time. Each marshal should wear a Hi Vis vest which can be picked up from the club during the course of this week, at race HQ first thing Sunday morning. If you are unable to collect one let us know and Grant will bring on to you at your marshal point as he does his rounds to check each point is manned.

If you are allocated a marshal point you will receive a marshal point document detailing, where you should stand, the potential hazards to be aware of and contact details for race officials in case of an emergency.

Whilst manning your marshal point your job is to ensure runners get across the junction safely but it is a fine balance between allowing runners to cross and holding up the traffic. therefore it is good practice to allow traffic to move out of a junction at the first available opportunity and direct the runners around the back of the car. If in doubt stop the runner from crossing, better to delay a runner then have a runner or marshal injured as a result.

If you have put your name down to help and haven’t heard anything from us by Thursday evening please do drop us an email to check we haven’t missed you.

And finally thank you to everyone who has pledged their support for our club race as we couldn’t put this event on without you.