26.2 RRC Results

Laurie Johnston

26.2 Club Mile Championship 201813 Jun 20181 mile00:07:58
26.2 Club Mile Championship 201723 Aug 20171 mile00:08:46
Virtual 5k - Stragglers Mob Match28 Mar 20205k00:26:51
Virtual 5k - 21st/22nd March 202021 Mar 20205k00:27:49
Farnborough Half Marathon20 Jan 2020Half Marathon01:55:54
Surrey Half Marathon08 Mar 2020Half Marathon01:57:00
Gatwick Half Marathon13 May 2018Half Marathon01:59:21
Fleet Half Marathon29 Apr 2018Half Marathon02:03:45
Reigate Half Marathon15 Aug 2019Half Marathon02:04:55
Richmond Half Marathon05 May 2019Half Marathon02:05:49
Surrey Half Marathon10 Mar 2019Half Marathon02:05:49
Hampton Court Half Marathon18 Feb 2018Half Marathon02:08:12
Dublin Marathon27 Oct 2019Marathon04:30:29
Brighton Marathon15 Apr 2018Marathon04:54:19
Brighton Marathon14 Apr 2019Marathon04:57:43
Kingston Spring Run 16 Miles31 Mar 2019Other02:38:40

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