26.2 RRC Results

Virtual 5k - Stragglers Mob Match

28 Mar 2020 - 5k

PositionRunnerGun TimeActual TimePB?*
1Ben Chown00:15:46Yes
2Tim Bartholomew00:16:02Yes
3Joseph Gonzalez00:16:44Yes
4Dominic Woodbridge00:17:30Yes
5Mark Cannings00:18:25Yes
6Dmitry Selemir00:18:31Yes
7Chris Wilson00:18:44
8David Maher00:19:03Yes
9=Victoria Whelan00:19:27Yes
9=Alastair McGeoch-Williams00:19:27
11Max Riley00:19:29Yes
12Craig Partridge00:19:49
13Verity Nott00:19:50Yes
14Steven Ramek00:20:00Yes
15Dan Speer00:20:05Yes
16Joe Chang00:20:16
17James Walsh00:20:23Yes
18Michael Street00:20:25Yes
19Will Marshall00:20:37Yes
20Ryan Lambrix00:20:54Yes
21Richard Hall00:21:01
22Lawrence Bromley00:21:25
23=Libby Marchant00:21:26
23=Claudia Burrough00:21:26
25Harry Kim00:21:32
26Hilton Loos00:21:36Yes
27Richard Hook00:21:46
28Matthew Hoare00:21:47
29=Daisy Street00:22:10
29=Daniel Street00:22:10Yes
31=Robert Pyke00:22:13Yes
31=David Pimm00:22:13
33Chris Dormer00:22:22Yes
34Nicholas Murray00:22:27Yes
35Paul Keddie00:22:30
36Andrew Pengelly00:22:32
37Ross Lane00:22:34Yes
38Rike Jones00:22:38Yes
39Dave Wilson00:22:47
40David Pearce00:22:51
41Aron Sibley00:23:09Yes
42Matthew Pritchard00:23:10
43Geoff Tookey00:23:30Yes
44Daniel Hookey00:23:40
45Malcolm Watts00:23:42Yes
46Paul Harvey00:23:45Yes
47Richard Goulder00:23:48
48Paul Wallis00:23:50
49Stephanie Harvey00:23:55Yes
50Edward Davis00:24:06
51Katherine Burston00:24:15Yes
52Laura Twomey00:24:18Yes
53Bob Dean00:24:33Yes
54Jo Ross00:24:41Yes
55Victoria Kirk00:24:55
56Lee Hilton00:25:00Yes
57=Sophie Cooke00:25:01Yes
57=Greg Whiteman00:25:01
59Jon Kinsey00:25:05Yes
60Bryan Parke00:25:06Yes
61Jem Srai00:25:36Yes
62Andrea Bennett00:25:43
63Tony Ruff00:25:44Yes
64Danny Norman00:25:45
65Tom Hook00:25:49Yes
66Tommy Street00:26:18
67=Richard Kirk00:26:40
67=Jacqueline Chang00:26:40
69Laurie Johnston00:26:51Yes
70John Sweeney00:27:16
71Howell Jones00:27:25
72Hannah Loudain00:27:27
73Diane Hart00:27:47
74Jonathan White00:27:51Yes
75=Alice Ward00:27:54Yes
75=Kevin Furlong00:27:54
77David George00:28:00
78Owen Jones00:28:02
79Laura Griffin00:28:10Yes
80Jacqui Woodroffe00:28:15Yes
81Alice Pike00:28:49
82Samantha Allen00:28:57Yes
83Janneke Zoeteman00:29:00Yes
84Kate Hancock00:29:23
85Jane Waterman00:29:40
86Matthew Cook00:29:47Yes
87Hayley Dixon00:30:07Yes
88Maria Cenalmor00:31:44
89Maria Higgins00:33:38
90Alison Hopkins00:33:43Yes
91Matthew Shortland00:34:04Yes
92Annabel Crouch00:34:50Yes
93Sarah Loky00:34:53
94Neil Sunderland00:35:27
95Rachel Parke00:36:24Yes
96Lizzie Wilson00:36:49
97Jakki Poyntz00:36:56
98Jackie Morris00:37:48Yes
99Nigel Lee00:40:01Yes
100Beverly Gow00:40:50
101Brenda Robertson00:42:12
102=Nicola Ronaldson00:46:00Yes
102=Matthew Ronaldson00:46:00Yes
104James Ronaldson00:47:51Yes

* PBs are based on data available in the 26.2 records. If your result is incorrectly marked as a PB, please enter your correct. Log in to add your own results.

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