Track is back – Wednesday 26th January

After a month off in December Track is back next Wednesday (26th January). All members are welcome and this fun and challenging session caters for all ablities.

Track sessions are great for improving speed, anaerobic threshold, flexibility and run technique. If you are marathon training at the moment the chances are you already know how to run for a long time, track session can help you to run for a long time and faster.

Track session are fun and also a great break from racking up the miles, they give the body highly effective training that keeps the body and mind guessing.

Meet at Kingsmedow Track (map in downloads section) at 7.25pm or at the club at 7pm to run down with others. There is a £3 fee (there may have been a slight 2011 increase) for using the track.

Runners are advised to run within their limits and there are plenty of opportunities for rest and drinks.

See you there!!!