Virtual Parkland Relays – Results

Congratulations to all 31 members who took part in the Virtual Parkland Relays last week.  Our club represented over 10% of the overall field.

Official results have now been published here

In the ladies open event, the A team finished 5th and B team came home 7th.

In vets category, our A team finished a very strong 3rd and B team 7th. 

For the men, we had 5 teams in the open category coming home 4th, 13th, 18th, 21st, and 24th.

For the vets, our men finished 3rd, 8th, 9th, and 13th.

Well done to all those who ran and hopefully next year we will return to Richmond Park. 

Virtual Imber Court Relays

Due to recent events it is of course not possible for the Imber Court relays to take place this year.

However, we are pleased to confirm that we will be hosting the 26.2 Virtual Imber Court relays and we would like to invite all of our members to take part in the event. 
Teams do not need to be decided in advance – these will be decided based on recorded times submitted. All teams will be of four people.
The following categories will be in place:

– Men’s open

– Ladies open

– Men’s veteran (over 40)

– Women’s veteran (over 35)

– Juniors school year six (age 11)  and under
– Juniors school year seven up to and including age 15
You will note that this year we are allowing juniors to participate for the first time. Please ensure that juniors are properly supervised by an adult when recording their runs!
The following rules will be in place:
– 3km to be run between 7pm on Tuesday 23 June and 7pm on Thursday 25 June;
– Runs can be run wherever you like but should start and finish in the same location;
– Runners should adhere to appropriate health and safety and social distancing rules;
– Times will be based on the “elapsed time” rather than “moving time” (this should be clearly shown on your submitted activity).
Registration and Results
Registration and results are all via Open Track. You will hopefully become used to this system when you compete in the Parkland relays the week before! Please register for the event in advance and submit your time by 8pm on Friday 26 June.
Results will be announced via a Zoom call on Monday 29 June at 8pm. Details as follows:
Topic: Imber Court Relays – Results
Time: Jun 29, 2020 08:00 PM London

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 870 5839 2388
Password: 937497

Please let Laura Griffin know if you have any questions.


Online Strength & Conditioning training session

We have organised for a live coaching session on zoom with Nathan Bell on Tuesday 16th June at 6pm. Nathan is a Strength & Conditioning Coach and movement specialist who has been helping people restore quality movement and improve physical performance for the last 8 years.  He is also one of the coaches who operates at Surbiton Rackets & Fitness Club.

The session is focused on flexibility and core stability. The session will provide you with the top mobility and strength exercises specifically for runners, as well as how to progress and regress depending on your level. There will also be an opportunity at the end of the session to ask any questions you might have.

If you would like to reduce the chances of suffering from common running injuries and learn more about how to improve running performance by increasing strength then make sure to sign up for the session.

Here is a link to sign up for the session:


On 17 March, in line with Government and England Athletics advice, we announced the suspension of all 26.2 club training and competitive events.  This post confirms that, despite certain relaxations of Government advice, all face to face club activities currently remain suspended.  We are monitoring the changing situation and will advise on this website if the situation changes.

This has been a challenging period in so many ways, and we have missed running together.  It has, however, been great to compete in various ways through our virtual league and to meet via Zoom and Facebook for our awards ceremony and for twice-weekly club briefings.  This week we launch a new iteration of our virtual league (see below) and there is an opportunity to sign up for the virtual Parkland Relays (see link above).


Virtual League – new format

Welcome to the new 26.2 RRC virtual league schedule. This has been designed to alleviate the pressure and workload on the league organiser and will give us a simple weekly structure, rather like how the club nights were run pre-lockdown. In the same way as before, the sessions have been designed for members to run alone and share their progress with other club runners. There will again be a ladder league format competition to keep you motivated and striving to improve each week. We aim to be inclusive for all, so feel free to take the league as seriously as you wish.

Similarly to the current format, members will be required to submit their sessions each week via an online form, with the results being discussed during the 8:30pm  Wednesday night 26.2 RRC Virtual Club Zoom call.

There will be two scheduled sessions each week; an intervals session and a tempo run. This will provide runners a mix of speed sessions, hill work, and threshold based efforts. There will also be a fun activity planned each month, with more details to follow. 

It goes without saying but for every session I encourage you to build in a gentle 10-15 minute warmup, drills and strides, and end with a warmdown, as well as looking after your muscles and ligaments with a post-run stretch, at the very least focussing on the calves, quads, hamstrings, and ITB. 

The training week will run from Tuesday to Monday.

Week 1 intervals – 8 to 12 reps of 1 minute on / 1 minute off – looking for consistency in distance covered for each effort.

Week 1 tempo – Run for 26.2 minutes (26:12) – based on distance covered.

Week 2 intervals – 4 to 6 reps of 1k/ 50% jog recovery time – looking for consistency in time recorded across each effort.

Week 2 tempo – 5k effort – this will be based on % improvement versus seasons best.

Week 3 intervals – 3 to 5 reps of 5 mins / 3 mins jog recovery. Looking to increase pace consistently throughout the efforts. 

Week 3 tempo  – Adhoc (June = Imber Court Relay, July = Handicap, August = Scavenger hunt).

Week 4 intervals – Hill session – find a reasonable gradient and length hill and run as many reps as you can in 30 minutes. Hard effort uphill, slow jog recovery down. Focus on form; driving those arms forwards and lifting the knees high. 

Week 4 tempo – 10k effort OR another 5k – based on age-grading.

Points are also available for the number of days run on each week (up to a maximum of 5). 

Good luck to everyone taking part and if you have any questions please email website [ at ] [ dot ] uk

Week 9/10 Challenges

League changes

Firstly, a bit of league news for everyone … this is going to be the last 2 weeks of the virtual league in it’s current format. It has been a lot of fun setting different challenges for everyone to complete however we are looking to change how we run things going forwards. Don’t despair, we will still be setting training goals but in a slightly different way from now one. We are aiming to have a regular schedule rather than the ad-hoc challenges that have been run so far. To spice things up we are looking at how we will compete in more virtual races, relays and possibly even a grand prix like competition. Watch this space!

Week 7/8 results

If you haven’t already done so, please submit your results using this results form. Please e-mail your Strava art to website [ at ] [ dot ] uk.

Week 9/10 challenges – Tuesday 19th May – Monday 1st June

Challenge 1: 5k time trial

As we are changing league format, we want to revisit the first challenge we set and do another 5k. We will be looking at how everyone has responded to training in lockdown by comparing your age graded results with your results from launch week / week 1. Points will be awarded for 5k finish time within divisions and age graded improvement on your previous best. [GP scoring with base of 10 points each for finish time/improvement]

Challenge 2: Maximum elevation in a single run

It is time to get out for a big hill session. Whether doing a lot of hill reps or just finding one big hill to run up, we are awarding points for the most elevation from a single training session. Please submit the total elevation from a single recorded activity. There are no time/distance limits. [GP scoring with base of 10 points]

Challenge 3: Pub cricket

In pub cricket, you score “runs” by visiting pubs and counting the number of legs in the name of the pub. You have 45 minutes to run to as many pubs as possible. The rules are:

  • You have 45 minutes to visit as many pubs as possible. Please record this as a single 45 minute activity.
  • As we did with StreetO post boxes, it would be good if each pub can be recorded with a photo on your Strava run.
  • You can start and finish your pub cricket run  in different locations.
  • For each pub you visit, count the number of legs that the subject has (The Lamb scores 4, The Duke scores 2) or if there is a pub sign, you can count the number of legs shown on the sign (please provide a photo).
  • If a pub is named after something without legs and has no sign, score 1 “run”. So The Berrylands and The Royal Oak will score 1 point.
  • The subject must have legs to score extra runs, so The Druids Head scores just 1 as it is the head, not the legs that are the subject of the name.
  • You receive a maximum of 6 runs per pub (Wagon and Horses scores 6 even though 2 hourse would have 8 legs).
  • Unlike in the driving pub cricket game, you cannot be out.

Disputes will be resolved in the WhatsApp discussion group. [GP scoring with base of 10 points]

To give you some inspiration, here are the 26.2 pubs visited by Lizzie Wilson:

Virtual Parkland Relays 10th-14th June 2020

Thames Hare and Hounds have invited our club to take part in the Virtual Parkland Relays. Run 5km on your own, between Wednesday 10th June and Sunday 14th June and submit your Strava/Garmin Connect activity by 19:00 on Sunday 14th June. This event is open to all, and I encourage you to sign-up and take part.

There will be the following competitions

Men’s Open: four per team

Ladies’ Open: three per team

Men’s Veterans: over 40, four per team

Ladies’ Veterans: over 35, three per team

There is no need to pre-determine teams. The organisers will arrange teams based on age-category and results.

Individuals are to register online (free entry) following the link.


– Entry must be a single Strava/Garmin Connect activity

– Your route must start and finish at approximately the same location

Activity must taken place between 10th June (00:01) and 14th June (19:00).

Awards Night Winners 2020


Club Championship

Championship Men’s Champion Ladies Champion
One Mile Ben Chown Victoria Whelan
One Mile Age-Graded Joseph Gonzalez Andrea Bennett
5km Ben Chown Victoria Whelan
5km Age-Graded Steve Ramek Victoria Whelan
10km Ben Chown Victoria Whelan
10km Age-Graded Steve Ramek Victoria Whelan
10 Mile Ben Chown Victoria Whelan
10 Mile Age-Graded Ben Chown Victoria Whelan
Half Marathon Seniors Ben Chown Victoria Whelan
Half Marathon Vets Paul Donohoe Daisy Street
Half Marathon Super Vet Steve Ramek Steph Harvey
Marathon Seniors Dom Woodbridge Alice Tozer
Marathon Vets Paul Donohoe Carla Cotton
Marathon Super Vet Steve Ramek Maria Higgins

Grand Prix

  Men’s Ladies
  Past the Post Age-Graded Past the Post Age-Graded
1st Ben Chown Steve Ramek Victoria Whelan Victoria Whelan
2nd Paul Donohoe Ben Chown Daisy Street Daisy Street
3rd Steve Ramek Joseph Gonzalez Rike Jones Rike Jones


Award Men’s Ladies
Best Newcomer Ben Chown Claudia Burrough
Most Improved
Dom Woodbridge Steph Harvey

Discretionary Improvement

Paul Donohoe

Laurie Johnston

James Walsh

Reyadh Mallam-Hassam

Alice Pike

Rike Jones

Carla Cotton

Aimee Stopford

Merit Award Paul Keddie
Achievement Award Joseph Gonzalez
President’s Award Peter Tozer
Handicap Competition Chris Dormer

Surrey Cross Country Ever Presents

Men Ladies
Ben Chown – 1st Div 3 Aimee Stopford – 2nd U20 Div 2
Bob Dean – 2nd V65 Div 3 Daisy Street
David Pimm – 2nd V60 Div Jacqueline Chang
Harry Kim Jacqui McDermid
Joe Brewer Jenny Melbourne
Jon Kinsey Maggie Stacey
Matthew Pritchard Vicki Kirk
Max Riley-Gould  
Michael Street  
Paul Keddie(c)  
Robert Pyke  

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