Week 5/6 Challenges

2k week is over. Although the 2k was short, it was by no means easy. We are sure you all met the challenge though. Don’t forget we are also running the photo competition so get your training photos in too. If you haven’t yet submitted results, please do so here. If you don’t have a google account, use this form and submit your photo via email to website [ at ] 26point2.co [ dot ] uk.

See all the league details at: Virtual Race League

Week 5/6 Challenges – Tuesday 21st to Monday 4th May

You will notice something different here…we are setting challenges for 2 weeks rather than just 1. This is to allow a bit of catch up time on some of the admin.

Anyway, this week is MARATHON WEEK!

Challenge 1: Team Marathon!

Everyone has been divided into teams of 6 or 7 runners. The teams were seeded based on your 5k results so the teams will hopefully be fairly even.

As a team, we want you to run a marathon in the fastest possible time. You need to collectively run 26.2 miles between you and then submit your total time. Each team member must run a minimum of 3 miles and a maximum of 6.5 miles. You can run your leg of the race as many times as you wish to try and improve your time.

If anyone does not submit a time, times can be taken from their Strava profile if available. If a runner is ill / injurred / isolating then they do not need to post a time and will be excluded from your team result. It is up to the rest of the team to make up the mileage for anyone who does not run.

The team allocations are in this spreadsheet. Anyone has permission to add details of:

  • Promised mileage that you expect to complete.
  • Actual mileage already completed.
  • Time taken to complete the mileage.
  • Notes for your team members (please add a note here if you are unable to run).

Anyone can edit rows in the spreadsheet but please only make edits for your own team. We will be reviewing the sheet regularly and are tracking changes. Keep any comments clean as juniors view the results.

This is your chance to encourage your fellow club members to get out for a run but please do so with consideration. Nobody should be forced to go for a run if they don’t want to. If you want to be removed from the teams, please just let us know and we will do so.

The teams will be given GP style scores from a maximum of 20 down to 1 point.

Challenge 2: 26.2 minute race

Instead of having a fixed distance to run, we are going to have a fixed time instead. You have 26 minutes and 12 seconds to run as far as you can. No stopping your watch along the way. You will be scored on how far you manage to run in the time allowed. Greatest distance covered wins.

Points will be awarded within divisions in a GP style from 10 down.

Challenge 3: Alternative London Marathon 

It was meant to be the London Marathon on Sunday 26th April and we are all disappointed that this won’t be happening until later in the year. To mark the day passing and cheer ourselves up a bit, we are challenging you to do 26.2 of something else. No need to run 26.2 miles, you chose what you want to do and let us know. Why not try:

  • Run 26.2 laps of your block
  • Do 26.2 press-ups
  • Bake 26.2 cakes
  • Finish 26.2 jigsaws
  • Visit 26.2 ponds (who had that silly idea?)

Bonus points will be awarded to those people deemed to be the most creative! Document your submissions however you like (photos / videos / text) and share them with us on social media. Ideally this should be completed on Sunday 26th April!

Additional points

As usual we will be collecting the number of runs completed in this period. A maximum of 5 points are available for the period, 1 point per run.

England Athletics Webinar with Tom Craggs

We have organised for Tom Craggs to hold a webinar for members on Wednesday 22nd April at 7pm.

This will take the form of a question and answer session with Tom and he will also be demonstrating some useful drills and strengthening exercises to do from home. 

You do not need to perform any drills or physical activity during the session so do not need to be in running kit/ in a space where you can exercise.


To register for the session please login in to the website and use the link below.

Sorry, you need to be a member to see this area. Please log in.

Week 4 Challenges

Well done to everyone that complete the post box run in week 3. This fun challenge seemed to be very popular with everyone that took part. We look forwards to doing some Street-O events as a club later in the year. If you haven’t yet submitted results, please do so here.

See all the league details at: Virtual Race League

Week 4 Challenges – Tuesday 14th to Monday 20th April

There are two things to do this week, one involves running, the other one is at least running based…

2k age-graded challenge

A simple one here, just run 2k as fast as you possibly can. There will be two areas where points will be awarded within your division:

  • Age grading
  • Improvement on age grading compared to your 5k result.

Those with children who do junior parkrun are already familiar with the 2k distance. If you want to see how you compare with the kids, check out the 26.2 RRC Surbiton junior parkrun times here.

Photo competition – “Training in Lockdown”

Carrying on the fun challenges from last week’s post boxes, this week, we are running a photo competition. Photos should be submitted on the theme of “Training in Lockdown”. Feel free to share your ideas during the week but at the end of the week you will be requested to upload just one picture as a submission. The photos will be judged by your peers.

Photos must be your own, either taken by your or on your behalf for the purposes of this competition. You should seek permission from anyone that appears in the photo before submitting. The photos submitted may be used across the clubs website and social media platforms.

Additional weekly points

There will also be points awarded for keeping up your training as recorded by:

  • Number of days that you go out and run. 1 point per run with a  maximum of 5 points. This maximum has been introduced as we know some people don’t want to use all of their allocated exercising time out running.

Week 3 Challenges

Well done to everyone that complete the interval challenge in week 2. If you haven’t yet submitted results, please do so here.

See all the league details at: Virtual Race League

Week 3 Challenges – Tuesday 7th to Monday 13th April

With Easter this week, we would traditionally be out hunting for Easter eggs. As we can’t get out to hide Easter eggs for everyone, we will have to settle for a postbox hunt instead.

This week’s challenge is a Street-O challenge.

  • You have 45 minutes to run around your local area and find as many post boxes as possible.
  • You must start and finish in the same location.
  • You will be awarded 3 points for every post box that you visit. Please approach the post box so you are close enough to check the details on the front, don’t just wave at it from a distance.
  • There will be penalty points of 1 point per 20 seconds that you go over 45 minutes.

You are responsible for counting post boxes yourself. We are running an honesty system but keep in mind people can check how many postboxes you visited by tracking your GPS trace so do not cheat!

To find post boxes, we recommend you use a StreetO map like this Sample Map. We will provide more sample maps on request. You can create a map of your own area using the OpenOrienteeringMap tool. More details on creating maps are below.

When completing your challenge, make sure you maintain social distancing. If at any point you need to stop to avoid groups of people, you may stop your timing briefly to avoid problems.  Please do not abuse this to use the time to check your map or get your breath back, this time is purely to avoid coming into contact with other members of the public. Safety always takes priority over completing the running challenges.

After completing the challenge, we will be collecting the number of post boxes that you visited and the time taken to visit them.

Additional weekly points

There will also be points awarded for keeping up your training as recorded by:

  • Number of days that you go out and run. (1 per run)
  • Total ascent over the week. (Grand Prix style points from 10 down in increments of 0.5 for each division).

Total ascent

By popular demand, we are giving points for total ascent this week. Please submit the total ascent for all the runs you complete over the week. Do this by adding up the ascent for each run and submitting a single figure. Strava will tell you the ascent for each run. Why not find some post boxes on hills to complete both challenges at once.

Creating StreetO maps

If you want to have a go at creating your own StreetO map, you can use the OpenOrienteeringMap tool. To create a map:

  • Navigate you your location and zoom in.
  • Select the “StreetO” map type in the top left.
  • Select the scale, I recomment either 1:10,000 or 1:12,500
  • Double click on the map to place the centre.
  • Drag the blue blob to re-position the centre of the map.
  • Click on “Add Postboxes” to add postboxes
  • Click “Save & Get PDF Map” (top right) to download your map.

I will give a demonstration of this on Wednesday night at club night.

If you want me to create a map for you. Please mail me your postcode to website [ at ] 26point2.co [ dot ] uk.

If you would like a printed map and are willing to start your run in Berrylands, I will print some maps and put them outside my house for collection. Please let me know if you want me to do this for you. If you want a printed map and live elsewhere but don’t have access to a printer, please ask in the groups and hopefully someone can print a map for you.

Week 2 Challenges

First of all, thanks to everyone who took part in week 1. If you are yet to submit results from your week 1 challenges, please do so here.

Week 2 Challenges – Tuesday 31st March to Monday 6th April

This week’s training challenge is to complete a 4 x 800m (or longer) interval session. More details on this session are below.

There will also be points awarded for keeping up your training as recorded by:

    • Number of days that you go out and run.
    • Total distance covered in the week.

Interval session details

We want you to achieve consistent pacing across each split. At the end of the week, we will request that you send us:

    • Length of your interval course (please use a 800m / half mile course minimum).
    • Your first four 800m splits. If you want to do more, please just send us the first 4 splits.

You will earn points ranked against others in your division for:

    • Consistent pacing of each split.
    • Pace at which you complete the intervals.

The points will be more heavily weighted to consistency however we will also be rewarding pace to ensure that people are encouraged to push themselves rather than going easy to try and get a more consistent set of results.

We hope you enjoy this week’s training session!

You can get the all the details of the Virtual Race League here. This includes links to results and league tables.

Virtual Mob Match vs The Stragglers

We ran a virtual 5k mob match against our local rivals The Stragglers between 24th March and 6th April. Overall, there were 156 runners taking part in the mob match, 52 from The Stragglers and 104 from 26.2 RRC.

In terms of mob match scoring, there were 49 runners to score from each side and 26.2 RRC took the win with 1971 points against 3347 (lowest wins).

Thanks to our friends at The Stragglers Running Club for taking up our run challenge and motivating us all to get out running.

Individual honours go to Ben Chown for fastest overall for 26.2 (15:46), Pete Gregorowski was the fastest from The Straggers (17:29). Victoria Whelan for 26.2 led the ladies field (19:27) with Liz Fraser the fastest from The Stragglers (20:14).

In the age graded competition, Joseph Gonzalez for 26.2 acheived an 88.84% grading to top the honours just ahead of Pamela Whitter for The Stragglers with 86.20%.

Well done to everyone that took part. It is great to see that everyone is staying safe but still keeping up their running.

You can see full results on-line here:

>>> Full Mob Match Results <<<

* There are some missing age graded results for 26.2 RRC as at the time of creating results, dates of birth were not available for all members.

Virtual Race League – Launch Results & Week 1 Challenges

Launch 5k results

We had 90 runners complete our virtual 5k. The overall winner was Joseph Gonzalez in a fabulous time of 16:45! First lady was Victoria Whelan after posting 19:52 (only just ahead of Verity Nott in 20:03).

Other key results were:

  • David Pimm put in a strong run to register the biggest improvement on his recent form.
  • Jack Hollingsworth showed the biggest improvement on the PB submitted.
  • Tommy Street gave the best relative junior performance, beating his old 5k PB by 13 seconds with a time of 23:23.

Unofficial PBs were achieved by:

  • Joseph Gonzalez (16:45 from 16:50)
  • Craig Partridge (19:44 from 20:15)
  • Matthew Hoare (20:22 from 20:35)
  • Harry Kim (20:44 from 21:40)
  • Tommy Street (23:23 from 23:36)
  • Aron Sibley (23:40 from 24:14)
  • Jack Hollingsworth (28:32 from 20:40)
  • Lauren Smith (32:09 from 32:53)
  • Brenda Robertson (37:19 from 37:30)

We will be running the virtual 5k again this week, however this time, the results count towards a Mob Match against The Stragglers! Make sure you all get out there again and post your best 5k efforts.

League details

A league has been created and runners put into 5 divisions. You can see the new league tables here: Virtual League Tables – Week 1.

League positions will be adjusted using points earned in challenges. At the end of each week we will see 4 people promoted and demoted in each of the divisions.

Week 1 challenges

This weeks challenges are:

  1. Run on as many days as possible.
  2. Complete another virtual 5k and try to improve on last week’s time.
  3. Within each division you will be ranked on:
    1. Longest run
    2. Virtual 5k finish time

The scores assigned to each are available at the side of the league table: Virtual League Tables – Week 1.

The challenges include all runs completed between Tuesday 24th March and Monday 30th March.

You can submit your results here: Week 1 Results Entry

Club Night

Thanks to everyone that came along to club night. If anyone wants to watch back you can get the recording here: Virtual Club Night – Week 1. In future weeks I hope to be able to give you a link to a video of just the announcement of results and challenges to make these more easily viewable.

We will be holding club night again next week on Wednesday at 8:30pm.

26.2 RRC Virtual Club Night – 25th March

We are holding our first virtual club night tonight at 8:30 pm. Please do join us using the details below. If you have not used Zoom before, we recommend downloading the app to your device before the session.

26.2 RRC is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: 26.2 RRC Virtual Club Night
Time: Mar 25, 2020 08:30 PM London
Every week on Wed
Mar 25, 2020 08:30 PM

Join Zoom Meeting: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/849379880

Meeting ID: 849 379 880


26.2 RRC Virtual Race League

While we are currently not able to meet in person, we need to look for alternative ways to come together as a club. With the race calendar suddenly empty many of us are also looking for new goals to keep up our motivation to go out and run. We are at a time in the year where many people will be in peak fitness due to training schedules that have been interrupted and we would like to give you something to make the most of that.

Virtual Race League

We plan to put together a ladder league where we can have some friendly competition as we are forced to train on our own. Participating runners will be grouped into a ladder which will then be split into smaller divisions. Runners will be seeded on the ladder based on their parkrun PB, those with faster times will start further down the ladder. By completing weekly challenges, you will get points that will let you move up and down the ladder.

The virtual races will come in the form of weekly training challenges. Everyone will have the chance to complete some or all of these challenges to earn points. At the end of the week, the people with the most points will be moved up the ladder and others will drop down in a series of promotions and relegations. The challenges will cover a range of training aspects, not just focusing on speed. Each week there will be something different perhaps covering steady pacing, distance or speed.

The challenges will all be designed to be completed alone so that everyone can maintain the required social distancing. They should all be completed with respect for the latest guidance from the government. Depending on the restrictions placed on us, the training challenges may need to be suspended or adapted. The virtual race league is just for fun, your health and safety always takes priority. If you are uncomfortable with the format of any of the challenges, please let us know.

Starting the league

If you are interested in taking part, please sign up here! 

We are going to start off with a weekend challenge. All you need to do is go out and run or walk 5k on either Saturday or Sunday (21st/22nd March). Although parkrun has been cancelled, this will still encourage everyone to get out for a bit of fresh air and much needed time to clear your heads. We will publish the results with rankings for overall pace as well as comparing your result to your 5k PB. Please do not run on parkrun courses at 9am on Saturday. We have been asked not to use these areas. If you do your 5k there at this time, you will be disqualified from the virtual league.

Please record your results on your favourite run tracking app. If using Strava, we will look to collect your details directly. If using any other platform, please submit results to website [ at ] 26point2.co [ dot ] uk.

We will be looking to establish a group where we can discuss the training challenges via WhatsApp or Facebook. We will have weekly broadcast sessions where the next week of training challenges will be issued and we can have a bit of interaction.

Wishing you all the best at this difficult time.


In light of government announcements on the 16 March advising that we should avoid non-essential social contact with others, including going to sporting events, pubs, clubs, theatres and social venues, all 26.2 club training and competitive events have been suspended until further notice.  This is in line with England Athletics advice issued this morning: https://www.englandathletics.org/athletics-and-running/news/coronavirus-statement/.

Any changes to our position will be posted to this website.

I know that many will be bitterly disappointed after working hard for various events including spring marathons.  But we are committed to working together for the health of all our members and the wider community. 

England Athletics encourages where possible, athletes and runners at all levels to maintain their own personal fitness and keep active during this time, while following government guidelines about safe distance and safe exercise environments.

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