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Blast From the Past – Autumn 1988

Thanks to Simon Norman, we have been provided with some old club newsletters. One I want to share with you is from Autumn 1988. Some of our younger members won’t have been born back then but I am sure others remember the time fondly.

To give you a sample of what you will find in the newsletter, at Sandhurst Half Marathon on 12th June 1988, current members, Dave “The Whippet” Wilson and Simon “The Gazelle” Norman were part of a winning 4 man team. There are a number of other race reports that I would encourage you to read.

You may be surprised to hear that back in 1988 they increased the membership cost to £10. This was described as being excellent value back then. 28 years later our membership is now just £15. An increase of £5 in this time means that today you really are getting good value!

Read the attached newsletter for all the details of what was going on in Autumn 1988.

London Marathon Results

Congratulations to all runners who completed the London Marathon today. You can see full results on-line here: London Marathon Results

Results from our club include:

Runner Half Finish Time
Andrew Melbourne 1:28:01  2:58:22
Ann Bath  1:59:58  4:23:30
Chris Howe  1:24:53  2:54:54
Chris Rawcliffe  1:23:03  2:47:35
Danny Norman  1:37:46 3:46:58
David George  1:45:34 3:38:17 
Joe Chang 1:26:29  2:52:14
Laura Perry  2:35:08  5:44:53
Mark Weight 1:34:37  3:14:17
Moustafa Fawzy 1:29:59  3:06:06
Richard Llewellyn  2:06:12  4:15:00
Roy Staniland  3:02:56  6:45:21

Libby Marchant and Maggie Stacey started but did not finish.

If anyone is missing from this table, please let us know.

This evening, some club members will be meeting at the Surbiton Racket and Fitness club at around 7pm to celebrate everyone’s achievements. Please do come and join us.


London Marathon Reminders : Bus and Pizza

To all those booked onto the the 2016 London Marathon club coach please be aware of the following details:

  • The cost of a seat, one way only will be a nominal £5 per head.
  • Steve Ramek will be the bus conductor and collect fares.
  • The coach will leave the club at 7am sharp so please arrive by 6:45 am to ensure you are boarded and ready to go by the departure time.

On Sunday evening, we will be gathering at the club to celebrate the day’s achievements. Come along to celebrate everyone’s marathon achievements. All members are welcome whether you ran, supported or were there in spirit.

Pizza will arrive at 7:00 pm and the club remains open until 8:30 pm.  If you are running London, your recovery with benefit from a well earned slice of pizza. 

If you have run a spring marathon (Brighton, Hamburg, London or others), why not bring along your medal for a chance to show off your efforts. Everyone else will be able to gather and bask in your reflected glory.

Good luck to all those running on Sunday!

Marathon results

This weekend saw representation from club members in two marathons, Hamburg and Brighton. There were some great performances over in Germany with all four runners achieving PBs (first sub-4 for Andrea Bennett and Ellen Lambrix) and on the South coast there were big PBs too for Kirstie Mitchell and Dan Hookey (30 mins).

We look forward to more great marathon performances next week at London.

Hamburg Results

Runner Time
Ryan Lambrix 3:10:54
Andrea Bennett 3:53:32
Ellen Lambrix 3:56:56
John Bennett 4:23:20

Brighton Results

Runner Time
Rodney McCulloch 3:21:34
Ben Downe 3:30:42
Kirstie Mitchell 3:41:13
Daniel Hookey 4:15:01
Laura Hooke 4:27:53
Javier Fuentes 4:36:10

Apologies if we have missed anyone. If you did take part and are not shown, please let us know and we will add you to the results.

Annual Dinner Update

It is now just over a month until our Annual Dinner and Awards Night on Saturday 7th May at the Holiday Inn Kingston. Come along an help us celebrate the club’s 35th year!

We have received some offers from the Holiday Inn:

  • You can get a 20% discount on drinks if you order TWO WEEKS in advance (before 23 April). Fill in and submit this form to events [ at ] [ dot ] uk: Annual Dinner 2016 – Drinks Pre Order.
  • If you want to stay at the Holiday Inn for the night, we have secured 10 rooms at a discounted rate. Call on 0208 786 6504 and provide the code ‘RRC’. Rooms are £99 and include breakfast.

Tickets are selling fast but still available. Full details of how to get your ticket are available at Annual Awards Dinner 2016.

Richmond Half and 10k

26.2 gathered this morning for Richmond Half and 10k.


Heading out from Old Deer park on familiar routes along the towpath from Kew to Ham (and almost to the Hawker centre). The course is a mixture of Thames Towpath Ten, Richmond 10k, Cabbage Patch 10, Kingston Parkrun and many other local races. Scenic and flat are probably a good summary.

Two highlighted performances included a 2 minute PB Dennis Brandrick and a first time 10k for one of our Zero2Hero regulars Lee Hilton.

From a personal perspective I thought the race was torture. I was in the just under 2 hour 26.2 group that formed on the finish line (I got slower, they paced well). No idea how I ran 6 minutes faster just two weeks ago. Worth it for the medal, T-shirt and sense of well being at least. I am yet to be convinced by the cucumber and mint flavoured water or Tamari Toasted Soya beans in the organic goody bag.

As always, well done to all participants and thank you to the 26.2 supporters out on the course.


Continue reading Richmond Half and 10k

Fleet Half Marathon Results

Results from Fleet half marathon are now available. The results for 26.2 runners are attached:


Full results are available online at: Chip Results

There were some great 26.2 performances. It was a first half marathon attempt for Paul Wallis, Daisy Street and Sian Thomas who were all very pleased with their times. PBs were acheived by Alastair Mcgeoch-Williams, Chris Rawcliffe, Steve Ramek, Moustafa Fawzy, Ryan Lambrix, Kirstie Mitchell, Matt Prtichard (6 mins), Andrea Bennett (11 mins), Sue Garnish and Richard Kirk (3 mins). Apologies if I have missed anyone.

Full race report and final GP standings to follow.



Green Belt Relay 2016

The Green Belt Relay is a 220 mile team relay around London. It approximately follows the Green Belt Way, a continuous path of green spaces circling London.

We have entered two teams for 2016. The event will take place on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd May. You will need to be free to run on both days.

We are starting to take names for our two teams to be entered into the Green Belt Relay. Please submit your name in the Green Belt Relay forum post if you wish to participate. We will soon send out a form requesting some information from everyone who signs up.

We welcome runners of all abilities to our teams. Stages range in length and difficulty from 6 miles upwards so you need to be comfortable running at least this distance, if not a little further. Our only real requirement is that you set out to enjoy the event and bring lots of enthusiasm!

If you want to know more about the event, either check the Green Belt Relay site or speak to a member of the committee.

Does something look different?

Hang on a minute…is something different around here? Did you change your hair? 

Please don’t adjust your computer screens! Our website has indeed changed.

We have upgraded to a new version that will hopefully be much easier for everyone to use and will definitely be easier for us to administer. For the tech-inclined we have moved from Joomla to WordPress. For the non-tech minded, look how pretty the new website is!

Over the weekend we have reset all user passwords. If you have not received your reset e-mail, please do let us know and we will sort it out for you. You can use either the public forum or contact form to get in touch.

If you have any suggestions about the new website, please do let us know. We want to know about ideas for new content, anything that isn’t working or anything that you feel is missing since we upgraded. Why not try posting your feedback in the new forum?

We hope you enjoy using the new site. Please come back regularly!