The first Wednesday of every month, with the exception of June, sees the holding of our 3 mile Handicap Run. From July 2017 we will start from a new location on The Crest. We will follow a 2 lap route on a measured course around Berrylands, finishing back on the Crest.


Although the idea is to run as fast as you can, this should NOT be at the expense of safety, either of yourself, other runners or the public. We have a stock of reflective armbands for loan at each event, when its dark, and you are encouraged to wear light and or reflective clothing. We urge you to stay on the footpath and not run in the road. Remember, whoever's in the wrong, a runner is always going to come off worse in an argument with a car.


As this is intended to be a fast run, it's a good idea to warm up before starting. Some runners will do a whole lap, other will do just a half lap.

Runners are started according to previous performance at their handicap start time. The start time is calculated from the average of your last three runs. The start times are such that all runners should reach the finish at the same time. This means that slower runner will start first and be followed by faster runners. The idea is to try and catch the person in front of you whilst avoiding being caught by the person behind. First time runners are started in accordance with their best guess for the distance, usually using a 5k time.


The finish is in Berrylands adjacent to the gate by the Tennis Courts. When you cross the finish line collect a token that will be used to record your time. Please move away from the finish line and out of the road when you've ended your run - it makes it easier for the time keepers to see who's coming next.

After your run, it's a good idea to do a gentle warm down jog of another lap of the course.


The results will be published on this site normally accompanied by a run report. Please check back the day after the race to see the results.

League Table

Points will be awarded for each race as follows:
  • 5 for running the race
  • 20 down to 1 for first 20 finishers
  • 10 for your season's best time
  • 8 for within 10 seconds of your season's best
  • 5 for within 20 seconds of your season's best
  • 1 for within 30 seconds of your season's best

Surbiton's friendly running club. Open to runners of all standards, fast or slow. We participate in local races of all distances.